Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This is a cruel joke from Satan

Kevin Federline is the new father of the year!
Just in time for Father's Day, Prive Las Vegas will award the proud papa of four his "father of the year" status at a party he is slated to host there June 13.
Sources tell PEOPLE he will be awarded the title during a presentation at the club.

Sin City is awarding K Fed an award for father of the year. They are presenting him with this award at a club. I imagine the club is 21 and over and his children will not be allowed to share this special occasion.
So, K Fed does the unthinkable and bangs Britney Spears at her prime, in her PRIME. Brave man. Gets her pregnant not once but TWICE!. Ka-ching....just fuckin ka-ching! Has no determinable income, unless you count being the man who impregnated Britney Spears with the most potent sperm on the planet. He was her right hand man during her downward spiral into "what is she going to do next" town. And now because he....what did he do? He got an attorney, a couple nannies, a house that she is paying for, he is heralded as some Hero Amongst Men? His ex wife, the mother of two of his four children, is going through a mental breakdown of biblical proportions....and oh dear Kevin swept in to save the day. Bless his heart.
Remember, it is very easy to shine like a diamond only in comparison to what some people would say is a piece of shit.
Accepting this award in Sin City is very appropriate. There is a special place in hell for people like you.

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NonProcessed said...

What is wrong with society today?

Oh, I forgot! This is a perfect example of the direction the masses are heading towards. The masses of people who keep up with all this crap, that causes the media to go in a frenzy so they can get the big bucks to tell you that this kid Kevin is the father of the year. Give me a break.