Wednesday, June 4, 2008

God, this bitch is still annoying

Sarah Larson is "moving forward" after her recent split from George Clooney, a friend of the model's tells PEOPLE. "Your whole life changes overnight, but she maintained that down-to-earth [quality]. She as a person never changed – she would say, 'Yes, I'm dating George, but I want to be known for Sarah."

Oh for fuck's sakes Sarah zip it! Yeah she maintained that down to earth quality. So, she quit her job as a waitress and is now in couture from head to toe. You won! Nobody gets that much after a break up. " I want to be known for Sarah." OK, we now know you as the whiny bitch that gets media attention for getting dumped by George Clooney. Nobody gives a shit about your breakup. Eat some Ben and Jerry's, get shit faced, have a one night stand with Vince Vaughn (that seems to work)and hold your head high while you do the walk of shame (in Prada). Stop ya' moaning. God, that is so unappealing... no wonder he broke up with you. OK, Ok...calm down Sarah. Calm down. You want me to get you some Chunky Monkey? OK sweety, let's go get you some Chunky Monkey. By Chunky Monkey I mean Vince.

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