Wednesday, June 11, 2008

He's gonna be pist....

A Chinese baby boy born with an extra penis on his back spent three hours in surgery this past weekend to have the extra, uhm, member, removed. (

I know one thing about men and that is that they love their penises, schlongs, members, love sausage whatever you boys call your love rocket....that's what I call it love rocket. If they had an extra one they would be thrilled! This baby is going to grow up and when they tell him that he had an extra penis on his back he is going to be like "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAD AN EXTRA PENIS AND YOU HAD IT REMOVED?! I COULD HAVE OFFERED THE LADIES PIGGY BACK RIDES AND SAID TAKE A RIDE ON THE LOVE ROCKET!"
He is going to feel slighted....and very sad.

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