Wednesday, June 4, 2008

If it was even possible I love George Lucas even more now

Who knew that the 27 year-old daughter of Star Wars creator George Lucas could fight?

Amanda Lucas, who has been featured in three of daddy's Star Wars films, debuted her mixed martial art skills last night at the Princesses of Pain event at the Auckland Boxing Association Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand.

Amanda fought against Kiwi kickboxer Nicole Kavanagh while the event was being filmed.

The footage will end up on a new reality TV show featuring a women's international fight league.

She had also received years of training in Brazilian ju-jitsu, Muay Thai and kickboxing.

(Sunday News).

I love you George Lucas. I love you because you have brought me years of enjoyment through every single one of your films, even the ones you directed personally and poorly. I love you because you have the greatest hair on the planet, seriously his hair line starts in the middle of his forehead. I love you because you wear silly flannel shirts all the time. I love you because you love us. I love you because you made Yoda talk backwards yet made him the wisest of all the Jedi. But now, now I just want to marry you. I want to marry you because you have created this. A respectable female fighter that doesn't mind getting her face busted. If there is really a baby Jesus close friends we will be...

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Avi said...

Dude, Muay Thai is the shit. If u like action flicks, which i am pretty sure u do u need to see "Ong Bak, The Thai Warrior" no special effects of cables or nothing. Tony Ja is Sick.
so uhhh, is the Lucas chick Hot or what?