Monday, June 16, 2008


She went through more than her share. After Anthony left, she found herself barely able to get out of bed. “You go through hell,” she says, her blue eyes soft. “I cried until there were no tears left - until I was numb. I didn’t want to eat; I didn’t care to get dressed or take a shower. I just wanted to like there.” But after a few months, she got a wake up call from another man in her life. “One day Cristian walked in and said ‘You’re crying again?’ I felt embarassed that they saw their mother being weak. I woke up. I realized I’d been crying for all the wrong reasons.”
[From People Magazine, print edition, June 23, 2008]

I used to love Marc Anthony. Loooove him. Even though he looked like a sickly duckling, I adored him. He was so romantic, his music was so passionate....silly me to actually think that romance and passion were aimed at the mother of his children. One of them was 3 months old at the time....pig.
I could not look at a picture of him without feeling disgusted. Listening to his music was grating to my ears. When I saw him singing a song he had written for his wife (she was in the video and everything) up into the balcony to his new big booty girl.... I became physically ill.
Well, if Dayanara forgives him I guess I won't feel guilty anymore about enjoying On the 6.

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