Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Things I Miss....

1. Alicia Keys' braids.
2. Filling up my gas tank with $30.
3. First kisses.
4. Watching the L Word with my friends before we all split up because we were living in the L World.
5. Good cartoons.
6. Waking and baking.
7. Wearing a uniform everyday. Having to plan outfits is a pain in the ass.
8. Drinking full caloried Heineken without any regrets.
9. Road trips.
10. Lulu.
11. Strangely, being sad enough to write in my journal.
12. Ergo, pen and paper.
13. Goood hip hop. None of this Superman, Umma Do Me crap.
14. The Hanker for a Hunk a' Cheese Guy. Remember that guy? Oh and the guy that showed you how to make frozen OJ in the ice cube trays with toothpicks. Genius.
15. Calvin and Hobbes
I'm sure I will think of more...


fernm said...

-how about... drinking your ass off and not worrying about the next day's hangover.

Avi said...

The similarities never cease to freak me out a bit

NonProcessed said...

4. LMAO, but it's true
5. Ditto
9. Fun times!
10. = (
11. Odd, but makes perfect sense...
15. Do u remember the Saturn?


Noelle said...

#3 - yes! wowzers.
#6 - it's never too late, just come over around 10am on Sat.
#8 - Chacha! a day in life of NB.
#11 - So EMO, so true.
#13 - I count my blessings daily for Mr. Lupe Fiasco