Monday, June 9, 2008

Just a question....

1.How does Amy Winehouse put that beehive on her head everyday a long with the Cleopatra eyeliner if she is so banged up? It just seem like a lot of work to do while you're on crack.

2. Why does this city keep ruining my view with more condo skyrises? My view of the water? Gone! My view of the city? Gone! Stop it fuckers, nobody lives in any of them.

3. When DID it become ok to chew on a toothpick in public? Just floss your teeth and do it right.

4. There's a lot of songs about lollipop's out this month. Being sung by, sorry, rapped by men that shouldn't have mouths for anything but eating. Eww.

5. Why does everybody look alike? You put Hillary, Jessica, Carrie, Heidi, Hayden, that chick from The Hills....I don't remember. Put em in a line up, can't tell em' apart.

6. Why are those ugly 80's sunglasses coming back in style? It's painful.

7. Where are you Q- Tip?

8. Why do rappers walk in slow motion in videos?

9. Why do the girls in the videos look at them like they are Adonis or L L even? You're not. You're paid, you are so not sexy.

10. When are they going to make the consistency of the gum in Blow Pop's actually chewable?

1 comment:

Noelle said...

i hate those damn ray ban wayfrarers ... i dont care how many celebrities where them - i'm not. leave them in the 80's for christ sake!