Wednesday, June 11, 2008

People who should be drawn and quartered

1. Dr. Phil- I don't really need to explain this one do I?

2. Mariah- You know of my beef with Mariah. Having a mature sense of her own sensuality is not on her to do list....there's so much pink out there to wear.

3. Diddy- Somebody really needs to put a muzzle on him because he is constantly saying something stupid that tops the previous stupid thing he just said.

4. All those celebrity fragrances. You shouldn't get one just because your parents gave you a first name.

5. Posh Spice, no I'm just kidding. I love her.

6. People who never exercise, then all of a sudden get on a healthkick for two weeks and are talking about cardio and boiled fish and BMI crap. I really admire your dedication. I have kept off almost 60lbs for over 10 years with a moderately healthy lifestyle and working out at least 4 times a week. Talk to me then. I will be drinking a Grey Goose Tonic looking fabulous.

7. People with no inner monologue. I work with people like that everyday and I don't even know who is talking to me anymore. It makes me not pay attention.

8. I have mentioned unattractive rappers that are delusional and think they are very attractive.

9. T- Pain. You are everything that is wrong in the world. Cut your hair.

10. People that claim to hate gay people but somehow they end up always talking about gay people. What is that about? Watch Brokeback Mountain and dont' get a little bit of a tingle and then I might believe you are not gay.

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Noelle said...

Thank god for Belvee Tonics!