Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I will say this though....

Wow, Transformers SUCKED!!!! They could have cut out 40 minutes of it and still had story left over. The story line looked as if t was being made up as it went a long. Oh and does every sci fi movie have to have the word "Matrix" in it. You suck Michael Bay.

And yes, Megan, oh you looked oh so lovely. Oh so lovely in the middle of the fucking desert while everyone is being blown to bits, their pants have rips in them, their faces are cut. You? No, you don't even have a scrunchy holding your hair back, not one smudge of dirt, your white pants are spotless and when you get blown across a building you still somehow manage to have lipgloss on. Whatever, summer fun equals crap I guess.

Sorry for my absence...

The death of Michael on my 34th bday has left me down trodden.
The fact that the day after my bday I officially got laid off put me in a tail spin.
The fact that I bought a house at the exact time I got laid off has put a huge burden on my shoulders. So much so, that even though I have tried I have not really enjoyed my summer,

You can say I am going through a bit of ups and lows. Oh and I have a fucking cold. The only thing that would make me feel better right now is if hunny went and bought me the dvd of the movie 17 Again, he hasn't. I don't care how I feel tomorrow, I'm buying that shit my damn self.