Monday, June 23, 2008

More hippo-crites

Having weathered the highs and lows of eating disorders, Brittany Snow has shelved her personal trainer and sworn off dieting. "Done with the trainer. I canceled my trainer," Snow, 22, told PEOPLE over the weekend at Stride Gum's Longest Day of the Year party in West Hollywood. "I refuse to do the whole diet, fitness, style thing anymore," Snow says. "I just kind of go and have fun. I know what I like, I know what makes me feel good, and that's just what I do."
She quickly adds
Snow adds, "I go to the gym everyday, I eat really well, I buy dresses by myself. I want to work and be with my friends. That's all I really care about." (

She's 22. Yeah, she is in Hollywood and she is done with the trainer. Does she expect to have a long career? Let's see what happens when her ass starts to sag or OMG! She turns 25! You are so easily repraceable kid. Learn this Angelina you are not.
But, she still goes to the gym everyday and eats really well. Perhaps all is not lost and she might make it through this business without cutting herself and throwing up anymore.
The part that worries me is that she makes it a point to say "I buy dresses by myself." What? So? What do you want for that? This is not the Special Olympics of Shopping. Just because you can put your head through the right hole in a particular garment does not make you particularly interesting. As a matter of fact? Why did they even run this interview? This entire segment was a waste of time.

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