Monday, June 2, 2008

Dear bimbo and douchebag,

(Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen respectively.)
Please be quiet. Is it really that difficult to have at least 1/2 of this equation of love be silent for a week? Whatever has happened is done. He liked hookers and drugs, you boned your friends husband and played the absolute worst Bond Girl ever Christmas Jones. Obviously you have both done some pretty reprehensible stuff. This bickering would have been fine a few years ago, but today you have much more to think of. Your children. They are always going to be BOTH OF YOUR DAUGHTERS. Yeah daughters, you don't want them growing up with daddy issues do you Denise?
Breaking up in Hollywood, you have a choice. You can go to through every single media alternative you have from the Larry King Show to your own reality show (nice one Denise, real classy), or you can take the high road. If you don't know where the high road is, because let's face it in Hollywood it must be hard to find, just follow in the footsteps of Nicole Kidman after her breakup with Tom. Uma Thurman after her breakup with Ethan. Bruce Willis after Demi hooked up with Ashton Kutcher. The word is dignity. Those venemous words are there forever. They will never make us respect you or take your side. For every interview you give, remember your daughters will eventually be old enough to know that mommy and daddy despise eachother, a long with everyone else on the planet.

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