Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Lights Are On, But You're Not Home...

On finding Keith after her marriage to Tom: “Keith and I, we’re more like, ‘Hey’ [she shrugs and smiles]. We just gently, gently sort of fell into each other. We were just two lonely people who went, ‘Ah, there you are.’ I’m so committed to this relationship, and so is he. I don’t have addiction problems, but love is a very powerful force in my life. It’s my fatal flaw and my virtue.”

I hope you guys got my Robert Palmer reference.
Anyways, you would think she was still married to Tom Cruise. It seems so fake and practiced down to the shrug and the smile. I miss the times when Angelina talked about fucking Billy Bob in the limo on the way to some award show. Now that's honesty....disgusting but honest.

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