Thursday, June 5, 2008

Aww, somebody needs some Chunky Monkey

Karina Smirnoff and Mario Lopez have called it quits, Smirnoff’s rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“Karina has parted ways with her two year relationship with Mario Lopez,” says Smirnoff’s spokesperson. “The relationship wasn’t heading in the right direction.”

Lopez issued the following statement through his rep: “Karina and I have the utmost respect for each other. She is a phenomenal and talented woman. I support her always and feel blessed to have her in my life.”

This is the problem with what magazines consider high profile relationships. You have to give a statement through a spokesperson. Then one of you has to say "we ramain the closest of friends, we have the utmost respect for eachother." You know the lip service. Why all the pomp and circumstance over two people breaking up who got together doing the cha cha? They are not heads of state announcing the bombing of a small but dangerous country. It's Slater and....that girl from that show that my sister makes me watch.

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