Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Deep Thoughts by Paris Hilton (oxymoron)

Here's what Paris had to say about realizing she had feelings for her current beau:
"When I heard [Benji] make a speech about Joel and Nicole and the baby [at the couple's baby shower], I thought he was cute then. And then when I saw him with Harlow, I just realized he had a really sweet, kind heart. Then we just totally had a crush on each other, and we fell in love right away."

When the typical woman hears a speech or a toast it is usually during a wedding, special occasion and of course there is alcohol involved. Typical woman might find it adorable, dance with the best man/godfather all night to fun songs like Careless Whisper to Feeling Hot Hot Hot and eventually have a regretful one nighter.
Paris is not your typical woman. Based on one speech Benji made (the only one he ever made without cursing involved because come on there was a baby present) she fell in love right away.

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