Monday, June 30, 2008

Keeping in theme with the meat thing...

Sir Paul McCartney has urged the UK to hold “meat-free Mondays” to reduce carbon emissions.
McCartney told The Grocer that the scheme would alert consumers to the environmental impact of meat production.
He said: “A lot of people go to the gym on a Monday. With meat-free Mondays, it’s a bit like going to the gym but with the added advantage of protecting the planet.”
McCartney noted that a similar policy had proven successful in Australia.
He added: “One of the most significant conclusions of the recent report on climate change was that we should eat less meat. This is not the Vegetarian Society that said that. It’s the UN.”

No. The last time I read anywhere that I am not supposed to ingest meat was in the Bible. Then they changed it to only during Lent. If I am not listening to the God Almighty's written word, I am certainly not listening to yours Paul. I don't care if you were "the cute one", or if you were the Walrus or the Egg guys never really explained that song too well. But, no I will eat meat when I damn well please. Let It Be...

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