Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Wonder...

How is it possible some people are in and out of rehab forever, right now it is Amy Winehouse that I am surprised is even still breathing, years ago it was Liza Minelli, that old broad is still kickin'.....and some people just die? Like Heath Ledger a few months ago and River Pheonix so many years ago. Is that to go with the saying that the good die young and assholes live forever? I'm not calling Liza an asshole...just thinking out loud.

Why there are so few Asian male actors? You could watch a movie from the 90's and still see that same "Bad Asian Mafia Guy" in a movie today as "Bad Asian Mafia Guy" and noone, including myself, knows their name. Even Ken Watanabe who has an amazing resume as an actor only plays the solemn, soulful, sexless Asian man. I would love to see him smile.

Why do people keep telling me what to think I think is attractive? Ok, Ashton is cute but I don't really care that much. Ok, Brad is the shit but I don't care that much anymore either. Stop making lists of people who are hot then then tell me they are hot. Those guys from Gossip Girl? GAAAAY! I don't care that they are gay, but they are and we all know it, they wera polka dot ascots for goodness sakes! I have my own list. Ken Watanabe is in it.....is he in yours? I didn't think so, jackasses.

What is is about baseball uniforms that makes us crazy? I don't paticularly enjoy the sport....but damn Alex Rodriguez.

Rainy days and Monday always get me down. Ok, it's Tuesday but for those of you that get it you get the blue ribbon.

What did Leo's character give his psychologist in that envelope in The Departed?

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fernm said...

Man your killing me, I know what it was, its on the tip of my tongue. I can't remember. shit.