Tuesday, July 1, 2008


There’s the Lauren Conrad you see on The Hills–then there is the real-life Lauren Conrad. The difference: The Lauren-in-real-life is really sweet, thinner and tanner than on TV.
The Hills star launched her latest beauty collection for Mark last week–and won over at least one new fan, Glamour magazine’s writer-editor Petra Guglielmetti.
Donning a strapless dress from her holiday collection, L.C. dazzled Guglielmetti, who described her as “seemingly really sweet/almost a little shy” and “shockingly well-spoken” as she described Mark’s new m.powerment initiative, the proceeds for which will benefit organizations that prevent violence against young women. (people.com)

Thinner? Tanner? You mean LC is thinner and tanner in real life than she is on the Hills? This bitch must be a dirty string of dental floss.
"Shockingly well spoken", leads me to believe that the people in charge of interviewing her expected her to drool all over herself then point to the flowy dresses that caught her tan eye. This ain't no compliment lady.

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