Friday, July 11, 2008

Jennifer Lopez...get off her ass

There are photos of Jennifer Lopez all over the internet these past couple of weeks on a boat in a bikini vacationing in Italy. Everyone is criticizing her body from her butt, to her gutt to her MASSIVE THIGHS....those are their words not mine.
Bitch is 38 years old and she just had twins....fucking twins ok? Half the people criticizing her have no idea what it takes for the typical woman to stay in decent shape. You are damned if you do, and bludgeoned if you don't.
Believe me, it is very easy to criticize from behind your keyboards (ahem) but if they would stop playing World of Warcraft long enough they would see what they really look like, not the sword yeilding elf they choose to look like. I'm pretty sure none of these guys have ever been impregnated, especially with two little hatchlings at the same time. What are their excuses for their gutts, butts, love handles?
Give her until the end of the summer and I bet she looks better than any woman they have ever had the chance to try to date rape. Jerks...

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