Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tila Needs Some Chunky Monkey

But Tila herself had a surprise coming when Kristy refused the key. “You love that I’m honest and that I’m true to my feelings and true about who I am,” she said. “If I take this key I’m not being true.”

So she dumps the guy who calls himself her "Bo-Bear". He cried, Bo-Bear cried when she didn't give him the key to her heart or whatever lame ass symbol MTV came up with for this bimbo. Bo-Bear and Tila Tequila.....that never would have lasted anyways.
Then Kristy basically says "I'm not sure how I feel about being with a woman for the rest of my life." Basically, Kristy knows she will miss "the cock" eventually and not be true to Tila.
These shows are all the same thing, bullshit. I don't understand how a person can come on a show and have 20 people crazy about them and crying if they don't get a rose or a key or an STD from them.

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cristal said...

how convenient kristy... can u say season 3? imagine that.