Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Donald Trump may have a new sparring partner on his hands.
The “Apprentice” head honcho has raised a critical eyebrow at “Get Smart’s” Anne Hathaway for dumping her boyfriend, and Trump Tower resident, Raffaello Follieri, days before he was arrested and charged with fraud.
“She hasn’t remained very loyal to him, has she?” Trump told “Access Hollywood’s” Billy Bush. “So when he had plenty of money, she liked him, but then after that, not as good, right?”

So she is with the guy through the whole ordeal, the embezzlement, the fraud, not to mention the amount of lying he probably did to her. She realizes this is never going to work, beautiful, talented actress + criminal = horrifying ending. Trump is disgusted, when really he should be scared. He should be scared because he knows that his cash is the only thing that has kept his honeys in line including that robot he calls a wife these days.

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NonProcessed said...

You gotta give it to Trump, smart guy. How else would he have had so many women thrown at his feet? YUCK