Monday, July 28, 2008

More Things I Miss...

1. Chicken and beer at Flanny's (come on guys let's get it together)

2. Having a tan. I try to stay out of the sun.

3. Wearing baggy pants and sneakers all the time.....sometimes which leads me to

4. Simpler times

5. Godfather's Pizza

6. Kevin Smith movies. Way too Hollywood...gimme more Chasing Amy. Regular looking people having amazing conversations and really connecting.

7. My curly hair. Again, sometimes. Goes back to the baggy pants thing, simpler times.

8. Pretty soon I will be missing starts again soon.

9. The Men Of La Bare circa 1999-2001. What the hell happened?

10. Jason Taylor....yes already


Anonymous said...

RIGHT?! (#9)

NonProcessed said...

Wednesday's are perfect for #1-Wing It Wednesdays??!!

... and what ever happened to #4? =]

Analise said...

i miss jason too :/