Friday, July 25, 2008

PETA has beef....I'm funny

This is a direct quote from PETA's website:
While I love that The Dark Knight lived up to its name by exploring the noiresque Frank Miller-inspired themes of Gotham’s protector, they didn’t need to make Batman into a dogphobic man! Batman is an icon, a superhero genius that beats up gun-toting thugs using only his iron fist of justice—KA-POW! He looks damn good in pleather while owning the streets, yet in The Dark Knight, he was punching out dogs left and right. Sure, it was self-defense, but doesn’t the man with the James Bond gadgets know anything about peanut butter treats and deflecting devices?

Um, PETA? He punched two dogs, one on the left on the right like you said. He is in the middle of defending his life and other humans as well so I don't think at that moment the blood thirsty mongrels deserved a "peanut butter treat". This is a movie where many people were not only punched, but thrown off balcony's, set on fire, killed, all that....but I don't see you getting you panties in a bunch over that. It's a movie, eat your popcorn and kindly shut the fuck up.