Friday, July 11, 2008

Somebody Stop Him!!

Michael Jackson is trying to restart his rusty career. After seeing the greatest boy band of time reunite, Jackson is rumored to want to work with them. The New Kids on the Block start touring in September and have reportedly been hosting “secret talks” with the “Thriller” signer.

The band held secret talks with Michael, 49, at his Nevada home last week. They are the latest in a string of artists - including Kanye West,, Ne-Yo and Akon - rumoured to be working with him as he attempts to revive his career following his acquittal of child abuse charges three years ago.(

NO NO NO!!!!
Michael where are your handlers? Fine Kanye, will i. am....all the things the hip young kids are into. Lure them into your "new career". Leave NKOTB alone! Leave them alone. In case you hadn't noticed they are not so new anymore. Their old asses just came to their senses and regrouped, but they are on shaky ground as it is. I'm afraid if you come in on your flying saucer you are going to ruin their comeback. You can't piggy back on someone else's comeback Michael!

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NonProcessed said...

What is this world coming to? did you see the photo op of the NKOTB? Here's my interpretation: "Great guys, here we are again getting f*&$ed up the a&s while some giant mogul makes money off us, only so we could keep a penny of it." They're not KIDS anymore. Any Jacko, you're no spring chicken either. 50, you look like your parts need some lubing. SAD