Friday, July 11, 2008

Are you serious??

A source said: ‘Isla was supposed to spend her time after giving birth hard at work on her Torah studies, and that’s gone far slower than expected.

‘It’s very much frustrated her future in-laws, especially Sacha’s mother, who were really hoping for a wedding this summer.’

The source added: ‘Right now there’s no wedding date set because Isla hasn’t fully converted yet, and even though she’s working at it part-time, she’s far from being close to completing her studies.’

Isla, who has spent most of this summer filming her upcoming project Confessions Of A Shopaholic, is said to have a tense relationship with Sacha’s mother, Daniella.(

This woman's son has made a career of running around in fake mustaches, fake accents, fake homosexuality, fake anti semetic schtick,showing his hairy ass and balls in a neon green thong.....and she is upset that Isla has not studied her Torah as much as she should have? One, she had a baby your grandchild by the way lady. Two, she is a young working actress has to work if she does not want to depend on Borat's bucks. I know most people think he is brilliant but he doesn't make me laugh. You know what makes me laugh? That commercial with Frank Caliendo making fun of President Bush and he pronounces DVR as well DVR which is awesome!

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