Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How I Spent My Summer Vacation By Britney Spears

It's official! Britney Spears is working on another album.
According to a statement released Wednesday by her manager Larry Rudolph and Jive Records, the singer, 26, "is spending her summer in the recording studio, working on a brand new album.
"She’s working with a team of top-notch producers and songwriters and we’re very excited about what she’s accomplished so far. No album release date has been confirmed yet," read the statement.

Really? Really? And no one has advised her, hey um maybe you should work on acting human without having your father babysit you? How about you stop worrying about what your extentions look like and get a's just a suggestion. Hey, um how about you spend time with your very young children? Your sons? You know the one's the court only allows you to see a couple times a week? The one's that you are such a bad parent to that their douchebag father looks like Father of the Year compared to you?
No? Ok make an album Britney, fine. But I hope this a Goth/Dark album and not a pop synth/pretend to be sexy or even happy album because that would just be more lies. I know that you are as sad as Morrissey is.

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