Friday, July 11, 2008


Us Weekly has a flipbook dedicated Madonna's past lovers. It would have been much more fun if it would have been a pop up book...Vanilla Ice?! Who knew?
So, did you guys know that Madonna has somewhat of a tarnished past? I mean I had no idea. When I first heard her song Like a Virgin 24 years ago, I never sensed a shred of irony from that title.
Come on people, the woman is 50. Besides her two marriages she has been practically single most of her life. If the average woman's sex life was out there for all to see there would be some things we are all ashamed of. But, that is the great thing about Madonna she has never been ashamed, even of Dennis Rodman. Well maybe she is a little ashamed of Dennis Rodman....aren't we all?


Avi said...

how did u not know about her torrid past til now, especially vanilla ice. At least she stepped it up recently with A-rod

Lulu said...

That's right, you tell 'em.........