Thursday, May 22, 2008

What Goes Around Comes Around, Comes All The Way Back Around...Yeah

Legendary music mogul Lou Pearlman, who created the boy bands Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync, was sentenced Wednesday to 25 years in prison for stealing more than $300 million from investors. But Federal Judge G. Kendall Sharp, in Orlando, Fla., said he would reduce the jail time by one month for every $1 million Pearlman returned to the investors.

Karma's a bitch ain't it?! When I say Karma I mean that chukles here was the mastermind behind the BackstreetBoys and 'N Sync in the first place. Not you Justin. Since you lost the stupid hair and the stupid dame all is forgiven. Oh and you too Chris Kirkpatrick. You get a pass because you do the voice for Chip Skylark on that cartoon the Fairly Oddparents. Well, that is what the kids I babysit for tell me....(ahem).

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