Friday, May 30, 2008

Men, albeit very sweet, can be so very stupid...

Sex And The City finally premieres in New York City May 30th.

OK boys, just shut what they call the fuck up please. I have read "boy blogs" rag on this movie and TV show. I have heard countless men ( my beloved included) beatbox endlessly on this topic. You know what I mean ladies. "AH, PSST, AHHH, PSST, DUMB ASS MOVIE, AHH, UGLY CHICKS, PSST, SO UNREALISTIC!" Listen Dougie Fresh, I saw Iron Man this weekend. I loved every minute of it but last time I checked, comic books are not to be mistaken for an autobiography. I am not a fan of the some of you might know if your read my stank review of Made of Honor.
But, the disdain shown for this movie is laughable. So, just to clear it up. We are not asking you to come with us. We are just telling you that we are going. We are not going to tell you about it because we know you don't care...oh and we don't care that you don't care. So think about that the next time I'm watching Entourage with you (which is your SATC by the way, you just don't know it because you never took the time to watch both), or better yet remember that when we are sitting next to you watching yet again another MMA fight. That would be tomorrow night. GO KIMBO!!
See, I care about your needs. Tell me who I have to get some reciprocity. Best use of that word ever!

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