Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Once again thank you Baby Jesus

Originally posted 05/28/2008 04:40PM (
George Clooney and his girlfriend Sarah Larson have split up after a year of dating, a source tells PEOPLE.

This bitch was getting on my nerves. She was voted as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People, she has been getting major coverage in websites and in magazines as the "It Girl" of the moment. Why is that? Is she a humanitarian? Is she personally breastfeeding the starving children in Africa? No...she was fucking George Clooney. I imagine in order to get his attention you have to be a knock out so the beautiful part I am fine with. But come on, once you get him the whole relationship part would be waaaaay easy. You go to parties, you look pretty, you don't give interviews ( I think this is where things went sour, she started talking), be absolutely stupendous in the sack...wait a minute. He's available? Is he taking resumes because I can get some great references...

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