Monday, May 19, 2008

Hippocrites.. (spelled wrong btw folks)

Elizabeth Hassleback from The Bitchfest, better known as The View, graces the June cover of Fitness Magazine. She says,"Body image has nothing to do with scale numbers, it's how you feel inside," Hasselbeck, who turns 31 this month, told Fitness magazine. "This is the first time I've felt free from that, because I am working out in a way where I feel so strong that there's no room for those doubts." She adds: "I finally told myself ... 'I've got some curves, I've got a bubble butt, but I don't mind, because it's what powers me forward when I run."
This is quickly follwed by her 6 week regimen she followed to get ready for the cover. |
Now, I have seen Elizabeth Hassleback and a bubble butt I do not recall. But, how can she say "blah blah blah, body image, nothing to do with numbers, blah blah blah." then go on to say that she prepared for 6 weeks for her cover? That means she basically ignored her new baby for 6 weeks to look good in a bikini, multiply that by the time she spends working in The Coven, I mean The View. I understand the plight of young working mothers, I do. Looking good is important, but please do not make it seem as if it is just that simple. "Accept your curves, feel strong." But make sure you throw up five times a day before bikini season.

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fernm said...

Hey, leave her alone, I kinda like her.....well not really just bubble butts in general.