Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh oh oh oh oh....

The original members of New Kids On The Block have announced the dates for their 2008 North American Tour.

I know that I should not be as excited as I am about this but....OH MY GOD NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK! IN MY LIFE YOU'RE SOOO RIIIGHT! Wait sorry, doing the stupid dance gimme' a minute...OK, I just wet myself a little.
Yes I expect them to do the dances, I expect them to do the whole "show em' the goods then you take em' away." I expect to lose my voice and probably with the last bit of grace I can muster, buy the Greatest Hits on Itunes because the last time I actually listened to NKOTB was on a tapedeck.
I think it is great that even though they are grown men, they are willing to embrace the one thing that made them famous in the first place, estrogen. I'm talking to you Donnie Wahlberg. Good for you for not being ashamed of your roots as rat tailed and acid washed as it was. Unlike some other famous Wahlberg's...yeah you Mark. I don't know what happened in between the dropping your pants for a Calvin Klein ad, and dropping your pants in Boogie Nights that you got all "Sean Penn" on me. There were billboards, there were videos, there were songs, there were commercials and there was The Funky Bunch. Oh yes, there was The Funky Bunch. If I wanted to, I could deny something from my past that I now deem as sketchy because my childish shenanigan's were not recorded for posterity. At least that I know of, he said there was no film in that camera. But you were in your skivvies for a reason Marky, to be adored. And adored you were!
Now my dream bill would be to have you open the show for your brother and his boy-bandmates, WHOM YOU SHOULD BE FOREVER INDEBTED TO, along with The Funky Bunch! Where are they?

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