Thursday, May 22, 2008

TV Bad...

A Utah woman has claimed to ABC News that Sex and the City turned her into a big ‘ol skank. As a 14-year-old, Long Island native “Lisa” – not her real name – started giving it up to every guy on the street – all as a result of idolizing Kim Cattral’s character, Samantha.

I understand where this girl is coming from. When I was 14 years old I used to watch Beverly Hills 90210. I felt the urgency to be just like Brenda Walsh and wear unfortunate ties, date a bad boy, have sex with that bad boy on our prom night, then declare to aforementioned bad boy that having sex so young was wrong, then go to Paris, fake an accent and cheat on my bad boyfriend with a fellow tourist I met in France. Then walk off the set, I mean out of the house in a huff to go away to College. Far away. Very far away. So far away that I would not be seen until I turned up in a whole new show, I mean town, and I had to fight demons off with my newfound magical powers to protect my sisters.

Listen up lady, do not blame your trip into Skanksville Population 1,000,000,000 on a television character. There were other characters on the show that were nowhere near as promiscuous as Samantha. There was Miranda, a no nonsense, career minded, single mom. There was Carrie, a shopoholic who was ever only truly in love with one man. There was Charlotte a polished Upper East Side Princess that didn't even like to perform felatio. God dammit...what the hell is wrong with me today? Ok no more TV references. I need to pick up a book, there is no absolutely no reason for me to know all that crap off the top of my head.

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