Friday, May 23, 2008


[From The National Enquirer, print edition, June 2, 2008]

Jessica's fling with Zach Braff began after a recent party hosted by Diddy, when the mogul received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“They spent that night together and several others,” the source said.

“Then she turned to Jared [Leto] for several more romantic trysts! And this was happening right under Tony Romo’s nose!”

At one point she was juggling all three guys, according to the source.

Oh, if this is true than this is just spectacular! Can you imagine "The Big Man on Campus, The Ultimate Jock, The Quarterback's" girlfriend cheating on him not only with "The Emo Boy That Looks Strangely Attractive Wearing Eyeliner," but with "The King Geek of the AV Club", as well? Oh Jessica! That is truly phenomenal work! Way to bring his smug ass down a notch. Personally, I prefer boys with eyeliner to the jocks...but if you were to offer me Zach Braff wearing eyeliner while day dreaming wearing those Scrubs there would be a Code 2. "Not as serious as a Code 3 but much more serious than a Code 1."
I'm proud of you Jess. You held on to your virginity as long as you could for one of the best looking men on the planet, only to cheat on him with dirty skateboarders whose collective IQ's may be even lower than you own. That is not even scientifically possible.
Don't worry about Tony, Jess.I'm sure he has plenty of babes in line and if not I'm sure his wide receiver would be willing to keep him warm.

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