Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another big boobed blonde sings Country...

Jessica Simpson's New Single Is Released
On the tune, she sings: "I need you now/ I need you bad/I need you baby looking just like that/Don't pack a bag/Don't make me wait/ I want to kiss that smile that's on your face/I need you wrapped up in these arms/ I want you just the way you are/Come on over."

That's pretty awful. Even in Jessica Simpson music standards this is pretty damn bad. She never had a song that really popped, which I never understood because she is a good singer. I think she rested her fate on her looks way too much. The sexy persona, the boobs and the overall "stupid blonde" is cute for a while, but that shit grows tired. Anyone that has attempted that since Marilyn Monroe has yet to get it right. It didn't fare none too well for Miss Monroe. Jessica has oohed and ahhed her way through a laundry list of sub par tunes....does anyone remember These Boots Are Made For Walking? Couldn't understand a word she said. The only thing I really recall was her saying "Where my boots at?" She said this in the video while she was wearing them. They're on your feet sweety! God she is so stupid. Does anyone remember the video? All men raise hands say "HELL YEAH!" That video came around the time Britney fell off the map and Jessica decided to try to fit into the proverbial boots of Britney, if you will. She should have pounced. Instead she tossed her wig (she wears them about 50% of the time), applied more lip gloss and asked us once again "Do you think I'm pretty?" Yes Jess, we all think you are very, very pretty.

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