Thursday, August 14, 2008


Being the door whore at my job I receive packages here at reception. Most of the time they work related, sometimes personal packages for my fellow employees. Personal packages range from Victorias' Secret, to plain old Target packages.
Yesterday a fellow employee, who shall remain nameless, received a package from Spanx. You ladies have heard of Spanx right? It is basically a girdle with a sexy name. Being that they are a girdle and are supposed to suck in your gutt, butt, whatever problem area you may have, there should be some discretion involved when shipping their product. Well, Spanx knows that, so why would they mail their packages with a big ol' sticker pink sticker that says "THANKS FOR ORDERING FROM SPANX!" with the logo on a plain brown box? It is not the smartest marketing ploy. Also, if someone who is not aware of what a Spanx is, they may see that sticker and believe it to be a much naughtier product than it already is. My beloved calls them what they are....LIES!


greg said...

oh finally! my order came in. thanks for picking it up for me merny. can you bring it home for me? i'll get it when i get back. can't wait to suck that gut in!

Noelle said...

i wore spanx once ... it was painful. i choose not to remember it vividly.