Friday, August 22, 2008

David Blaine Is The Devil

Daredevil DAVID BLAINE is preparing for a dizzying new stunt - he will hang upside down above New York’s Central Park for three days and two nights.
The illusionist will be deprived of food as he is suspended six storeys up on a highwire for his Dive of Death, which will be filmed to air on U.S. TV on 24 September (08).
He will even be forced to sleep upside down.
And members of the public will be invited to interract with the 35 year old. (

How does this guy make money? Is he a professional loiterer, hobo what? I don't see the "magic" in what he does. You and Mindfreak Cris Angel....what the hell is going on? I think there is some selling your soul to the devil type shit going on here. You guys should get together and do Vegas. I would enjoy your "art" much more if you were taming a robotic dragon while you are trying to freak me out with your street leviation and such.
FYI- Roy used to ride the robotic dragon in the show before "the incident." Now that was magic!

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