Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Job

I am what you would consider the "door whore" of my job. I am a receptionist for a good portion of my day. It entails greeting clients, signing for packages, ordering food and looking pretty. I can do all those things in a decent fashion.
Recently they installed a security system that locks all the doors that enter the office areas. All the doors around me. Is reception locked? No. Anyone can come up that elevator and basically take a dump in the waiting room area which has a lovely view of the city. What is it that they think is going to happen in my work space that all the doors have to be locked in my perimeter to protect the employees? I again have no protection. Oh, I have a security button under my desk which buzzes NY. I am in Miami.


Noelle said...

hey sitting pretty is a full time job. one that needs no protection because you have your own forcefield ;)

DJ ASH-ROCK said...

the force is strong with you...Im sure you will be protected...but he in the event of a "heist" situation I'm sure that the doors locked everywhere else will keep them trapped in your office in which case you should be safe as the entire east coast is coming with help =)

Anonymous said...

Hide quickly under your desk ! Or you can sit there when they attack and give them your big eyed, helpless little girl, doe look. It works !