Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Hate To Pick On Her Again, But Dang...

Jessica Simpson is on the cover of People Magazine this week talking about herself again. About life and love and losing....again!
On finding her true love: “I just told him today, ‘You’re the love of my life.’ I don’t really ever say that to anybody.”
On changing her cell phone number and e-mail address to cut off any potential communication from her exes: “I don’t want anybody that’s been in my life [before] in my life anymore. I don’t even want them to have any way of contacting me.”
On her relationship with John Mayer, which began in 2006 and fizzled out last summer: “I had to regain self-esteem and self-value.” (

"You're the love of my life. I don't really say that to anybody." Um, yeah because you're not suppsed to say that to anyone....except the love of your life. If you went around saying that to let's say your brother in law that would be weird.

"I don't want anybody that's been in my life before in my life anymore." Again, do you mean those former loves of your life or family members because they were in your life before as well? BTW, I'm pretty sure I could find Jessica Simpson if I really wanted to. She lives somewhere in between of a pilates class and a rib all times. I hang out there a lot too actually. See you tomorrow Jes!

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