Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lindsay's Getting En-gaged

“I haven’t heard anything (about an upcoming wedding) from Lindsay, but if she was marrying Sam, I don’t think she’d ask me to walk her down the aisle,” says Michael. “She knows about my (Christian) faith … she just wouldn’t ask.” (perezhilton.com)

Sir, your daughter has daddy issues which equal man issues which is why she is in this"relationship" at the moment. Considering that your "Christain faith" was selfishly set aside most of your daughters' life for you to be involved in the gluttony that has made you the poster boy for "soul sucking sperm donor" you would be best advised to zip it. You are a divorced, recovering drug addict and alcoholic and really not at liberty to give advice.Besides you will probably will not be invited because at weddings there is usually a free bar involved and there is no way you can join that conga line.
PS- Nobody likes you. Please go away.

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