Friday, August 15, 2008

Madge's Bday

Madonna has it on very high authority that she is, in fact, 36.
Not only that, but the grand lady of pop has slapped a gagging order on anyone whispering the number… shhh… 50 at her star-studded celebrations tomorrow.
Guests at her country pile are under strict instructions not to give any cards, cakes or presents bearing the number 50 or face the wrath of the muscle-bound Material Girl.
But how could we have got it so wrong?
Well, using ancient techniques known only to a select few, the high priests of Kabbalah have calculated her spiritual age by channelling the energy of the poptastic one. And it’s, um, 36.
How convenient.
So does that mean that in 1994 she was actually 22? (

If you reallllllly think about it, she should be 107 not 36. She has had reincarnated her career several times. Changed her look, her sound, her disposition, her overall aura about 347 times so her soul should be at least over 100.
My soul would be about 7. I haven't changed all that much. I haven't gone from legwarmers and back again yet.

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