Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Reception. To receive warmly in a businesslike manner. That is my job. Sitting, looking pretty, being kind to those who walk through these doors, elevators whatever. The monotony is staggering. If I hear one more time from that guy in Office Services tell me "u already pretty baby" when he catches me reapplying lipstick I think I will scream. If that temp (that has been here for three years) says "over the river and through the woods" as he is leaving one more time....I am going to lose it. If I have one more rude person call this desk asking me who I am and who called them.... the answer is going to go from "I'm sorry. We have about 75 people working here and unless you give me someone's name I really can't help you."...to " Jesus Fuckin’ Christ, if it was an emergency they would have left your ass a message with their fucking name on it and I wouldn't need to be running down a list of all the people you know that may have worked in some type of office setting!" Now for the delivery people, messengers, lowlifes that are entitled entrance to this building because you have a pizza, package, sandwich, envelope listen to me now. If there are chairs, those are for you to sit in while the person whose name is on that ticket comes out to bring their money or package. Hovering over my desk, reading my emails, or just because you feel like looking at me is not going to make them move any faster or my job any more pleasant , please sit your ass down. If you are waiting to pick up a package from said person, staring at me is not going to make it fly out of my forehead.

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