Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Again, eww

An excerpt from another revealing/disgusting interview with Diddy with New York Magazine:
So what if there were a new Olympic sport, something he himself might have a chance of winning, we asked. What would that be? “Who could have sex the longest,” he told us in a soft voice and with a straight face, while looking into our eyes. Was that a pick-up line? We weren’t sure, but we tingled anyway. “I think that’s an event I can do well in. And probably who could stay up the longest.” Dirty!
“Just so you know, that’s supposed to be funny,” he added as an afterthought. “Even though I am serious.” But who would be his competitors? “Whoever’s up for the challenge.” You heard him, folks! Any sex athletes out there willing to challenge the Diddy? (

If I had to make a list of revolting things Diddy has collectively said over the years it would be a very long, long, loooong list. I always thought that with age came wisdom, this adage obviously does not apply to this delusional bastard.
Boasting about your sexual prowess convinces me of nothing except that once again you are trying desperately trying to remind us of your greatness. BTW, just because you can stay hard and have jack rabbit sex (pound, pound, pound, pound) does not make you great in bed. One of the seven mothers of your children could have told you that.


Noelle said...

i just threw up in my mouth.

DJ ASH-ROCK said...

lol...Yeah that is almost as bad as firing someone from his first season as he got a pedicure from an older Hispanic lady....but if did enter as a sexual competitor in the delusional olympics his slogan is already trademarked...TAKE THAT! TAKE THAT! TAKE THAT!