Monday, September 8, 2008

Reception Part 2

I sit at my desk minding my own business when "The Weirdo" walks in. I say "hello, who is the the food for?" I ask him NICELY to please sit down they will be right with you. He of course does not sit, simply stands on the other side of my desk. I try to ignore him, but he says
"I thought I would never see you again." I ask why.
He says "well because I haven't seen you." Well, I've been here I reply.
He says "I haven't seen you in 32 days." How do you know that? Were you on vacation for a month or something? "No, I just know how long it's been since I've seen you."
OK. At this point "The Weirdo" became " The Stalker". I had never found out how he had gotten my personal email a few months ago because it freaked me out. But now he tells me he has counted the days since he last saw me.....sitting at my desk at work.
I start to worry that I am going to come home one night and find this guy sitting on my porch, sucking his thumb wearing a Hannibal Lecter Mask. I don't know how he would suck his thumb through it....but this is of no concequence because this makes no sense anyways.


DJ ASH-ROCK said...

i think i might have to meet this fine gentleman...sounds like he might be confused as to what a person's relationship with their delivery guy is supposed to be.

NonProcessed said...

i think you have some kind of subconscious-thing with sucking your thumb, and then automatically picture everyone with their thumb doing the same thing. Freud, i need help with this one..

I do not dispute that this special delivery guy has taken "special" a little toooo far..

Noelle said...

scary mary!