Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sara Palin

I reserved any judgement on this candidate until I actually learned something about her. I thought liberal journalists were taking a huge risk making fun of the fact that she was from Alaska and inexperienced. In that case take jabs at Obama for being black and "inexperienced" as well. Let's get to know her before we come out the gate making fun of her.
Well, it's been about 1 month and H-O-L-Y SHIT. This woman is the best thing to happen to the Democratic Party since Roosevelt. It's gotta be good/bad when there are already two skits starring Tina Fey on SNL that really are not even that far from what was actually said and what actually happened. Katie Couric had this woman fumbling over her words and looking down at some cheat sheets down by her knees. Katie Couric. I know she is a "serious journalist" now but we are talking Katie from The Today Show people. Not that long ago she was standing in Times Square with people from Kansas holding up signs that said "HI AL!" behind her. No offense to the folks from Kansas but you can understand what I'm saying.


Anonymous said...

be specific when mentioning roosevelt. They should know which one it was . We love FDR. Love t. Fey

fern said...

I dig the whole sexy librarian look, but then again who wouldn't.