Wednesday, September 24, 2008


“[He was] teaching me how to cut and eat steak, which was a mystery to me at age 4; how to stick the fork in and cut behind it, and that was how you got a piece in your mouth,” writes Sean, 32, whose mom is Yoko Ono. “I think it was that night when he got very upset with me, I think because of something I did very cheekily with the steak. He did wind up yelling at me very, very loudly to the point where he damaged my ear, and I had to go to the hospital.” (

Are you sure it wasn't your mother's "singing"? Has anyone really listened to the shriekings of Yoko Ono and not gone deaf...or at least wish they had? Seriously, every Christmas when they play that "So This Is Christmas" song and I hear that woman in the background I am tick tocking the hours for New Years.

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