Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Body Oddities

I came upon an article on msn.com, which I cannot find for the life of me right now. With this title, Body Oddities. I thought it was going to talk about disfigured people or maybe even hermaphrodites. Instead what I find is a guy that lives his life like a tiger. He has tiger stripe tattoos all over his body including his face and has even had his teeth sharpened to what I guess could best be described to be fangs.
Also in this article is what I suppose would be lizard or snake guy? He has completly covered his body in green scale like tattoos, has had some type of implants to his forehead to make him look even more like an idiot, sorry snake. He has even had his tounge surgically forked, again to look more like an idiot, sorry snake.
To this I say what the fuck is wrong with you? Under any other circumstances these people would have been given some tranquilizers and ordered to stop reading Dr. Seuss Books. There are real people, who are truly human oddities, like conjoined twins or people who are literally born with 1/2 a body. There are people who are disfigured, burned, and have to live with these scars....and you are doing this to yourself? On purpose?
You are not a body oddity. You are a self mutilating fool. If you were not so proud of this I would feel sorry for you.


NonProcessed said...

things that make you go"hmmmmm" about the human race, including the name of the article...

great point daria

Noelle said...

i saw that lizard dude on tv once ... i just don't get it. i hope he doesn't procreate.