Friday, September 5, 2008

This Is Sad.

Rumer Willis blames her father Bruce for her angular jaw. The 20-year-old star - the daughter of ‘Die Hard 4.0′ star Bruce and his ex-wife Demi Moore - can’t stand her unusually large chin, and thinks she inherited it from her dad.
She said: “People tell me all the time that I look my mom. I see the resemblance, sometimes. There was a picture in a magazine about look-a-like mothers and daughters and I saw that I looked exactly like her - which is great.
“I hate my jaw. I don’t know if it’s my dad’s - I think I’m more like my mother, my littlest sister looks exactly like my dad and my middle sister is a mixture of the two.” (

I did not even read whatever commentary was attached to this because I know that is it probably rude, talks about nepotism and lookism and all that is evil. I will say this, the only reason she is even addressing this is becasue there are endless articles going into Rumer's jaw, jawline, face, hair, body and really it is sickening. In a normal world she would not be broken down into pieces, but in this one she is.
Rumer, you are still a kid. Do not let cruel people scrutinize you into pointing out imperfections your parents passed down to you.

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