Monday, September 29, 2008

Men I Love

1. John Dorian MD
Vulnerable, sweet, intelligent, super geeky, immeasurable love for his friends. Sucker for the vulnerable geeky thing. On celluloid only, this does not transfer well into real life.

2. Ari Gold
I know people are always talking about what a jerk Jeremy Piven is. I really don't care. Ari might be a potty mouth of biblical proportions, but his cursing is like prose. He showers his wife and family with love and is able to seperate the two. And damn he wears that suit.

3. Dr. Cox
Oh Dr. Cox....where do I begin? I wonder if you are reeee-eeee-eeeallly upset that the show House essentially took your character and centered it around you, but you use a cane. I love your rants, I love your hair, I love how much you love Jordan, I love how much you love Jack, I love your jersey, I love that face you make when you drink scotch. I love the way you stand there with your hands crossed over your head saying "up yours Bob-o."

4. John Travolta
You guys can kiss my ass. I saw Hairspray the other day and dammit if I didn't love those cankles. Royal with cheese...

5. Ozone from Breakin'
Watched Breakin' last night and I swear no one can make cut off day glo, leather cuffs, what I think is a shark tooth earring look so manly/sexy. He wore this to court by the way so you can only imagine what he wears on a "casual" day.

6. Ryan Reynolds
Very funny, devastatingly handsome, abs carved from marble and now married to S. Jo. Nuff said.

7. Barack Obama
On the off chance you do not become the President, I have this to say. You are one smooooothe cat. You look at ease and when you say 10 year plan I am elated you may be the man to take us through those 10 years.

8. Stranger that actually let me into his lane this morning despite the heavy traffic
Thank you kind stranger. I gave you the wave and all that but I still do not feel it was enough.

9. Seth McFarlane
You are one funny son of a bitch. Only you can make a line like "ruined my evening" funny as hell, or a "get yo' fat ass back here" from a pedophile delicious.

10. George Lucas
I've sais this already....but there is no list without him.


Avi said...

well, except for Travolta, hes kinda Douchy

Anonymous said...

love your list. Love scrubs. I had a dream with Obama, very smooth. And Seth, pbj time !!!!!!

fern said...

u forgot 2 lil men!!!!