Monday, September 15, 2008

And Herein Lies The Third Rung Of Hell

Hilary Duff has just dropped the first single from her upcoming Greatest Hits album.
It's a song called Reach Out, and it features a sizeable sample from Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus. (

WTF? This is painful. Hillary Duff sampled Depeche Mode? Is nothing sacred? This...this is sacred. I want to know who signed off on this one because....because...well it's just fuckin' wrong. If Selena Gomez uses a Smith's beat, or Miley Cyrus does a "remake" of Bauhaus' I will bite them..... I'm getting all hot under my ruffly collar.
You guys know what I'm talking about.....ugh.


greg said...

please say it ain't so...i think i just threw up in my own mouth. ugh...

Cristal said...

hilary duff has a greatest hits album??? she's 12... wtf?