Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This week McCain announced his running mate would be a woman, Sarah Palin the Governor of Alaska. Some call the choice reckless by the "Maverick" Republican Candidate. I call it what it is, kinda ballsy. Personally I feel no connection with this woman. Am I supposed to simply because she has ovaries? I can see what he is trying to do.
Unfortunately the amount of hipococracy involved in a political career move such as this is staggering. She was not chosen because she is the best for the job, it is simply because she is a woman. I predict the older generation will be staying home on Super Tuesday. The good ol' boys will be hard pressed to vote for the black guy or now for that lil' lady. Hopefully younger voters will come out and shout what they want for the future, no matter what their choice is. If you think the politicians suck, they are what we have chosen. They are the "elite" of what sucks if you will.

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NonProcessed said...

If u will, with all due respect, if we all voted, e.g. if we all really spoke our mind, I don't think the new computerized ballots could keep up with us....

but since we are a bunch of lazy "I/me" Americans, we think that if we don't vote it wont make a difference on super tuesday.....well, the politicians have caught on to this trend and feed off those that will vote.. more likely than not.

that being said, this was a pretty gutsy move by a pretty old republican. it doesn't sound like it was his idea. maybe the fact that she's from alaska, largest domestic provider of oil; maybe that may have to do something with her name on the ballot. it's not because she was a hockey mom not long ago..

check this out: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/us_and_americas/us_elections/article4653971.ece